Emma Acquarone

Joint Anchor Technique Instructor

Emma Acquarone, Italian and living in Germany, environmental engineer and mom of three, is a Touch for Health and Brain Gym instructor.

Furthermore, she is the only certified Joint Anchor Technique instructor other than its Australian developer Geoff Leury. Since 2018 she is the secretary for the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK).

Emma has a been practicing kinesiology for over 12 years (www.kinesiologie-acquarone.de), co-manages the educational centre Chiron - Arbeitskreis für Gesunderhaltung (www.ak-chiron.de), and is passionate about formatting and everything LEAP, SIPS, NE Kinesiology, Vibrational Healing Systems and Integrated Physiology.

Kinesiologist Emma Acquarone's photo

Emma about herself and the JAT course