Knowledge that we have

Study kinesiology online wherever you want and whenever you like.

The knowledge that we have is of great value. It is often more valuable than things you can touch.

This value of knowledge can improve your life.
This value can improve lives of people around you.

It's not just the knowledge that changes the world but the people who act and change it for the better.

So the intent of Triangle online kinesiology classes is as follows:

To create

To create an excellent and diverse school with competent specialists bringing together teachers and students from around the world

Тo provide

Тo provide you with an opportunity to study wherever you want and whenever you like

Triangle online kinesiology classes

To offer

To offer interesting content that will help you grow in your knowledge and quality as specialists so you can help other people in a better way. Triangle online kinesiology classes offers paid and free kinesiology courses online

Our authors

Alexis Costello's kinesiologyst photo

Alexis Costello

The Author of GEMS program


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Marco Rado

The Founder of Integrative Physiology


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Ger Casey

The Head of the Kinesiology College of Ireland

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Emma Acquarone

Joint Anchor Technique instructor